ree your creativity with Autodesk SketchBook Pro painting and drawing software, offering best-in-class sketching tools for professional designers and artists from all industries. Designed specifically for use with digitized pen tablets and tablet PCs, SketchBook Pro equips you with the tools you need to move easily from pen and paper to a digital environment. Sketchbook Pro drawing software features an artist-friendly, gesture-based user interface that is so fast and intuitive even new users can be productive within minutes. It represents the next generation of digital drawing that focuses on the user, translating technology into a natural drawing experience.

As the name implies, SketchBook Pro is literally the digital interpretation of the classic sketchbook. Originally launched in conjunction with the introduction of the Tablet PC, it has always been designed specifically for pen-based interaction. Featuring a streamlined user interface geared to maximizing "flow", the product boasts an environment where new users can become productive within minutes.

Easy to learn user interface
Brush Customization
Quickly load and view images and digital photographs
Use brushes to mark up and add comments
Email Integration
Graphic Design Interoperability
Support PSD format

Can use for:
Product concept and ideation
Character studies
Set and level designs
Annotation and review ... _nd_puneet.rar.html


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